Academic Release Form for College Possible


I request that my post-secondary institution release all academic and financial information to a College Possible representative.  This information may include academic charges/credits/payments, grades, registration, academic progress, enrollment, financial aid application and awards, and demographic information. In addition, I request that College Possible have access to view my academic record through college graduation. This information will be used by College Possible staff to verify student information and provide programmatic support.

(Check one option below. Your selection can be changed at any time by contacting College Possible.)

I give College Possible permission to share my name, demographic and contact information with my high school, partner colleges or other organizations. This information will only be shared for the purpose of connecting College Possible students with additional resources. *
I do not give College Possible permission to release my name, demographic and contact information to colleges or other organizations.
Parent/guardian permission is also needed because student is under 18