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College Possible is a program for low-income students and families. Does the following apply to your family: *
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I agree to allow my student's high school or post-secondary institution release all transcripts and academic information to a College Possible representative. In addition, I agree to allow College Possible have access to view my student's academic record through college graduation. *
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College Possible publishes student stories in print and web-based materials and encourages members of the media and partner organizations to share the College Possible story. These efforts inform schools, communities and supporters about the success of College Possible students and encourage conversation on low-income students and college. College Possible recognizes that privacy must be considered when publishing a student’s photograph, quote, or written work; or providing the media with an interview. Therefore, College Possible has established guidelines for publishing information about students or student work. Please review the guidelines carefully. Students or their parent/legal guardian’s permission is necessary before a student’s photo, quote or written work can be published. •Only photographs and quotations taken during official College Possible activities (after-school class sessions, program-sponsored community service events, campus visits, and other program events) will be used in print and electronic publications or media stories. •A student’s first and last name may be included with photographs, quotes, written work or in media stories. •Additional permission from the student will be required if College Possible chooses to publish a sample of their written work.
Yes, I have read the above guidelines and give College Possible permission to publish photographs, quotations and written work of the student named above. I hereby release and discharge College Possible and individual persons employed or contracted by them to take these photographs, from any and all claims and demands ensuing from or in connection with the use of photographs including any and all claims for libel and invasion of privacy. *
No, I do not want photographs, quotations, or written work from the student named above to be published in College Possible materials.
High School Program Expectations: Junior Year Expectations                                                                      Attend after-school session once a month Attend the real ACT/SAT Apply for a summer enrichment program or scholarship Attend Year-End Celebration Complete year-end materials Senior Year Expectations Attend after-school session once a month Apply to at least 5 colleges Apply for private scholarships Complete FAFSA/ORSAA (verification if required) Attend Year-End Celebration Complete year-end materials Attend Summer Bridge College Program Expectations: Respond to and/or meet with College Coach monthly throughout the academic year, until graduation Register for classes for the following semester Complete the FAFSA and/or other renewable financial aid materials and scholarships Proactively reach out to College Coach when questions or issues arise outside of the regular check-ins
I agree to support my student's participation in College Possible *