College Possible is helping low-income students make college admission and success possible through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.

Founded in 2000 in St. Paul, MN, College Possible has helped thousands of low-income students become college graduates. You can learn more about our program here.

In 2013, College Possible expanded to Portland, OR and serves students at six metro area high schools.  As part of a new statewide initiative, College Possible has begun to serve students outside of the Portland metro area using a near-peer mentoring model that relies on in-person and technology-based communication.  College Possible's proven curriculum will support these students from their junior year of high school until they graduate from college.  We aim to serve 150 students in 8 partner districts during the 2017-2018 school year.

We are currently serving students at:

  • St. Helen's High School
  • Umatilla High School
  • Gaston Jr./Sr. High School
  • Rainier Jr./Sr. High School
  • Riverside Jr./Sr. High School
  • Irrigon Jr./Sr. High School
  • Clatskanie Middle/High School
  • McLoughlin High School

If you are interested in bringing College Possible to your community or have other questions about our statewide initiative, please contact us using the form below.

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