College Possible is a nonprofit that helps students from low-income families earn a college degree. 

College Possible's Statewide Initiative serves students across the state of Oregon using an in-person and tech-connected model. Students in the program will receive personalized coaching that will begin their junior year of high school and continue until they graduate from college. This coaching will include:

Orientation to the college application process

ACT test preparation

College essay and application assistance

Financial aid and scholarship application support

College selection and transition advising


We are currently accepting applications from students who attend Clatskanie Middle/High School, Gaston Junior/Senior High School, Irrigon Junior/Senior High School, Rainier Junior/Senior High School, Riverside Junior/Senior High School, St. Helen's High School, Umatilla High School, and McLoughlin High School.  If you are interested in bringing College Possible to your community, please contact us here.


Student Application

Eligible students hold a 2.5 GPA or higher and come from a low-income background.

Parent/Guardian Permission

Please complete this accompanying form before your student's application can be reviewed.

other information

For high school staff, college partners, and other supporters.